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It is important to introduce physical activity to children at an early age – this creates and nurtures a path towards a healthy lifestyle. Physically active young children are able to maintain a suitable body weight, build healthy hearts and foster an appreciation for movement that will contribute to healthy living in the years ahead.
The Munchkinetics physical activity program developed by Kids & Company, Canada’s leading corporate child care provider, is a fun way to encourage your children to keep moving and remain active. It incorporates various types of movement and activities to help develop your youngster’s motor skills. Munchkinetics uses exercises that are designed to offer a variety of perceptual motor experiences to provide each child with the opportunity to reach their own unique potential.

The following are exercises that you can introduce at home to help further your child’s physical development.
1. Hopping – act like a bunny and try hopping around as much as you can. If this starts to look easy, attempt your hops with just one foot.
2. Deep squat bunny hop – act like a bunny. Have your hand touch the floor so you are in a squatting position. Now see how high or how far you are able to jump.
3. Balancing – walk heel toe in a straight line. Try not to fall over!
4. Play catch – throw a ball back and forth. If your child is able to throw the ball accurately, increase the distance they need to throw or have them try throwing the ball at a higher/lower target.
5. Side steps – every child loves to run around. Why not make it more challenging by introducing them to sideways running. Try running to the right with the left foot crossing in front of the right, then to the left with the right foot crossing in front of the left.
6. Body bowling – set up multiple items as your bowling pins. Lay on the ground and roll sideways towards the pins, trying to knock over as many as possible.
7. Obstacle course – create a course where the child must use several of the above activities in order to complete the route
8. Baseball – as the parent, be the pitcher. Roll a soccer ball towards your child and see if they can kick it back to you. Once they kick the ball, your child will either hop, bunny hop or side step through the bases.
It is important to have fun while enjoying physical activity with young children – they will gain self-confidence as well as master gross motor skills while fostering a life-long appreciation for active play.

Sharon Shoolman
National Client Service Manager
Kids & Company

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Kids & Company is a proudly Canadian company that was founded in 2002 as a unique and flexible alternative to traditional child care. Kids & Company works directly with family-oriented companies from all industry sectors to develop progressive child care options that help address their employees’ work-life balance and productivity challenges. These options range from full-time, part-time and emergency back-up child care to in-home nanny and elder care benefits. Select locations (like Milton) offer care for the community as well.
The families and teachers who attend and work at Kids & Company come from all walks of life and speak dozens of languages, thereby reflecting the diverse companies and cultures we serve. Our mission is to continue to create a better work-life balance for families by relieving the stress that can come with unreliable child care and unexpected disruptions.
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